J skis night at Bolton Valley

I've always wanted to rally the local J skis community together for a team shred day, and we finally made it happen at our local ski resort, Bolton Valley! Everyone on J skis was stoked to get $20 lift tickets and free pizza... the group party laps were just a bonus! Scroll down to check out what went down on the first ever J skis Bolton Takeover

j team skiers with their skis out front of j banner

It was so cool to see all of the different graphics people had from over the years. We had almost 40 skiers on Js come out to ride, with some skiers even driving from other states to hang out!

J lev and crew enjoying the sunset on the ski slopes

We had a classic (aka beautiful) Bolton sunset that led into awesome night skiing conditions. I've been night skiing here for years, but these sunsets over Lake Champlain never get old... especially surrounded by a rowdy crew like this!

bolton valley iconic pizza slice


Bolton's "Fireside Flatbread" pizza is some of the best in the ski industry. Like I always say, "come for the pizza, stay for the skiing!"

indoor shot of j team skiers after raffle and pizza

Free raffle tickets lead to free J skis gear for a ton of lucky skiers! The post pizza party stoke was so high that even though temps started dropping, we made sure to get the whole squad out for a few more victory laps.

stoke levels were high right before dropping in

There's nothing like skiing with 40 of your new best friends! Things got a little crazy on the way down, check out the video recap below to see the team shredding for yourself...

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