Audrey in the Streets

Audrey Friess has secured her place as one of street skiing's prominent females, a position she hopes to use to inspire other women to get out there and film video parts of their own.

Check out her most recent video project below!

j skier audrey with the allplay ski

Audrey hiking up for another try on a down rail in Nelson, BC. Sometimes street skiers will hit a spot over 100 times to get the perfect shot.

audo hitting a down rail in nelson bc
No risk, no reward. Audrey lives by the code of street skiers: if the concrete steps aren't shoveled, it doesn't count!

audrey friess and filmmaker team in the streets j skis

Between shoveling, setting up cameras, watching out for security and actually skiing, it takes a village to get the job done!

Long days and longer nights of filming went into this 3 minute edit so give it some love!