A šŸ”„ February

February wasnā€™t the snowiest month haaa... but these clips and pics posted by skiers like you were next level!!! My personal favorite has to be the beautiful wedding of James to his J's.

@J_skisĀ andĀ #JskisĀ for a chance to be featured on ourĀ Team PageĀ and in next monthā€™s highlights.

Whether you're in love with your partner, dog or VR girlfriend simulator.. your J skis will always have your back šŸ’• Congrats to James Frisby and his J's for tying the knot this Valentines day šŸ’—Ā Ā 


J Team CalloutsĀ 

Ā  The J skis team took Utah by Alta bombs... I mean by storm. We tested skis, ripped down chutes and AprĆØs all dayĀ in the name of J šŸ„³

Ā  The East Coast got snow while the rest of the country cried about their 8th week of dust on crust.Ā 


Insta findsĀ 

Ā Just... šŸ¤ÆĀ 

Make HayesĀ puttingĀ the #JEscalatorSki prototype to the test on theĀ best pow day of the year!Ā