Building "The Friend" ski molds

We're moving full speed ahead! 
If you ordered a pair of The Friend "Pillows" or "Elitist" limited edition skis, this is an update on where I'm at with getting these skis made. 

This weekend we started cutting the aluminum molds that we'll use to produce "The Friend" ski. In the following weeks the remaining raw materials (wood cores, edges, fiber, carbon, top, base, etc) will arrive from suppliers around the world & locally. We'll then triple check materials are correct, and press a few skis to test & confirm all the finished skis specs are correct & durability is second-to-none. This puts the actual production of the ski in the later half of December with a goal of shipping out around New Years & arriving to you in early January.


Me and the crew are working hard to build the best quality product & get it to you as quickly as possible. Thanks again for your support and never hesitate to contact me with any questions or stoke. It's going to be a long fun winter!

(802) 585-1098