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  • liking the terrance and phillip, but also make a wutang ski, that will be liked very much in the skiing community. #JCANADA

    eric on
  • do it with some moose and marble syrup and:

    leo on
  • i like all the ideas above…maybe also have justin beiber with a sword penetrating his face? Im sure the skier community would like that

    B Coff on
  • Definitely +1 for what Tom said about Tim Hortons if you can get around the copyright challenge. That is THE Canadian brand/icon, above all else.

    ScottRD on
  • maple syrup and bacon

    Scott Dubreuil on
  • Oh man, I’ll buy a pair no matter what they have on them. I say Maple leaves, “EH?” on the base, all red and white, Maple syrup dripping from the tips and tails, and plaid. maybe one ski mostly maple leaves, the other plaid, or a diagonal transition across both skis. Voila, the CanadEH.

    Brien on
  • Start out with something like the 1991 team canada jerseys (like the diagonal cut maple leaf) then just put in canadian things around it (beer, mountains, more hockey, poutine, etc.) but make it like a dark red with some white.

    Adam on
  • beavers, pilsner, roll up the rim, timbits, beaver tails, lots of flannel, maple syrup, poutine, terry fox, dog sled, rockie mountains, red green, float planes, mounties, hudson bay company, hockey hockey hockey, “eh”, wayne gretzky

    Zoe on
  • This Vancouver Legend deserves a place on that ski!

    Brad on
  • this guy

    Waldo on
  • Defs moose, maple syrup, mountains in the background on the top, “EH”, (as much as i hate to say this) beiber, beaver, Photoshop beiber and a beaver together??, hockey, big fish, outdoors stuff, curling, the queen, ike from south park, more maple leafs

    Franklin on
  • Terrance and Philip from South Park #JCANADA

    Alec Lueddecke on
  • moose, black squirrels, bacon, all things hockey, maple syrup, shepherds pie, “eh”, Tim Hortons, Tim Bits, Curling, BC Bud, Shania Twain #JCANADA

    Tom on

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