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  • Your pow ski should be a Ski The East X J Skid collaborate with tons of rocker and decent width.

    Bob Feurgerson on
  • Make a new england powder ski (108-112) give it some camber under foot for when its not so soft been waiting for a sweet NE pow ski from j skis and will definiltly try them out

    Tyler wilkinson on
  • You should make a psychedelic base sheet. That would be the sickest thing. I would buy that all damn day.

    Sebastian on
  • hahaha, i vote 420 on the waist!! actually 420 on the length too, just make a square ski :P

    karim on
  • It think a good powder ski does not necessarily have to be insanely fat but should have the right shape and rocker to give the smooth surf feeling you get when you float on powder. A thinner ski with the good shape is also a lot easier to control in a east coast style terrain

    Julien on
  • Anything between 120 and 112.

    Iannick on
  • I ride Moment Ghost Chants right now as my pow ski and they are amazing. I have Surface One Lifes before hand. I love aggressive amounts of rocker, but camber underfoot is a HUGE negative. I loved the way the Volkl One and Two skied, both being on the stiffer side and full rocker. Made it super easy to pivot. My Moments are awesome, very clumsy feeling (on hardpack) because they are so wide (124) but once you get used to them they are loads of fun, and they are a pow ski so they shouldn’t be mind blowing on groomers. Things I like in a pow ski:
    -Loads of rocker, tip and tail
    -Medium flex. Stiff enough to not flop around but stiff enough to cruise through anything without sacrificing butterrrrr
    -Flat underfoot. I hate the whole camber rocker hybrid bullshit. It’s not as fun as full rocker / flat underfoot.

    Sweetums on
  • 114mm! It’s wide enough for everything yet still right enough to work through the trees

    Brad Westwood on
  • 120 is not ludicrously wide, but enough that you can pull up beside ski racers and grin.

    Adam on
  • My current pow skis are 2013 Rossi S7 with 116 underfoot. I’ve tried skis 120+ and as an east coast skier, I just don’t need anything above 120 but 116 gives me the sweet spot for an east coast all mountain powder ripper. My other skis are 2011 Line Prophet 90 and they seem pretty narrow for me these days.

    Dave Paek on

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