Tropic Thunder 40 pair of limited edition skis sold out crazy fast . . .
so due to popular demand, we're designing a 2nd version.



  • Sam’s idea is really ghood!

    Fly-y-flurry on
  • I’m digging the white camo and teal! For a new ski graphic you should use something like the rising sun and temples and call it The Sensei. Those would be sick!

    Sam on
  • I would like to see some more violence goin on here. Maybe a G.I hiding behind a leaf or sum shiiiittt. Lovin the Snow/Teal Combo thoo

    Vinny T's Unsweetened iced tea on
  • Sick cool skis <3 on
  • this for topsheet:

    this for base :

    then just throw in a cool animal like a tiger or a dragon, perfekt ski, instant buy, you will thank me later

    (pictures found at google pictures)

    friedrich on
  • Dig the white and black top sheet.. how about mixing it up and having one ski black and one white! The monochrome, tonal top sheet will make the florescent base even better! Peace.

    Luke on
  • digging the blacked out top sheet, how bout maybe this time do some tropical fish on the bases?

    Jake on

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