The Fastforward "GLORY DAZED" Limited Edition Ski Shredding ImageThe Fastforward "GLORY DAZED" Limited Edition Ski Shredding Image

The Fastforward

Glory Dazed

Fank x J Collab


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All orders placed by 3pm EST on weekdays ship out the same day. Orders placed after 3pm or on weekends ship the next business day.All orders placed by 3pm EST on weekdays ship out the same day. Orders placed after 3pm or on weekends ship the next business day.J skis are backed by an industry leading 2-year warranty against manufacturing defectsJ skis are backed by an industry leading 2-year warranty against manufacturing defects5 Day On Snow Trial5 Day On Snow Trial

Total Made: 350 Pair

Public Release: August 4, 2023

Waist Width: 92mm

J Says Best For:
Hardpack / Fresh snow / Trees / Moguls / All-mtn


Soft & PlayfulHappy MediumStiff & Aggressive


80% groomers
20% powder
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The Fastforward Awards

The Artwork

Fank x J Collab

It’s time to head for the hills, the “Glory Dazed” are upon us! Our 10 Year Anniversary Ski Collection wouldn’t be complete without ye ol’ red, white, and blue. Your first day with these J’s on your feet, don’t be surprised when skiers across the mountain stop in their tracks to stand proud and salute, as you soar over them like a bald eagle spreading its wings of freedom!

Fank tapped into his inner ‘Murican hero to create the art for this instant badass classic, enabling you to truly represent the home of the free and brave. Each time you ride the chair, you and your fellow ‘Muricans will discover more legendary lingo in the artwork, readily available for you to shout out at a moment’s notice to be sure others know… you’re droppin’ hammers and roamin’ free!

I'm only building 350 pairs of these unique Limited Edition flags in the shape of skis, and hand signing and numbering each pair, so grab your freedom sticks before they pass you by!

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The Fastforward

124 -


- 111

Calling all corduroy killers! This is the quickest and grippiest J ski ever made for ripping groomers and smashing bumps.

"The Fastforward” is designed to empower you to carve ice like a knife through hot butter, while maintaining the fun-loving, playful feel J skis are known for. The subtle tip-rocker keeps you floating with ease in fresh snow, yet when rolled over, 100% of the edge is engaged, including the tip for maximum grip. You get a predictable, smooth feel, that inspires confidence no matter the terrain; it’s as happy feasting on firm morning groomers as it is exploring the rest of the mountain. Unlike other skis in this category, “The Fastforward” doesn’t require you to put all your energy into it to get tons of power out. Thanks to its “Light Metal” Titanal laminate & Maple wood core construction, this ski does the work for you! You’ll gain power and precision with far less effort, so your legs don’t get burned out. You’ll be still going strong at the end of the day when they’re calling “last chair!’


The Fastforward IN THE WILD

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This ski is kind of a big deal!
SKI MagazineSKI Magazine
Blister Gear ReviewBlister Gear Review
Freeskier MagazineFreeskier Magazine

    These are a barrel of monkeys! So fun and playful, I was laughing the whole way down. A viable option for skiers who just want to get on a great pair of skis and go.

    - SKI Magazine

    It's a maneuverable ski that really stands out in variable snow, and offers a rare combination of great suspension and a fairly easy-going ride that many people could appreciate.

    - Blister Gear Review

    A wicked playful ski that you can trust-- stiff, with loads of pop.

    - Freeskier Magazine

The Finest Materials

Metal Construction

By selling these skis factory directly to you, we can invest more money into using the highest quality materials possible for a game-changing level of premium performance & durability.


Titanal Metal Laminate

More power & stability where you need it!
Unique to this model ski, I'm using a titanal metal laminate on the top and bottom of the core. Instead of running it edge to edge, tip to tail, I've optimized the metal laminate’s geometry & location running only narrow strips down the center and ending it before the tips. This way there's enough metal to dramatically increase power, stability & dampening over the length of the ski in contact with the snow, however the tips are lighter for dramatically reduced swing weight to maintain a nimble, lively & fun feel. You'll notice the tail of the ski metal geometry has slightly less metal to allow for a more playful and forgiving exit out of your turns while the tip has more for powerful initiation and reduced chatter in the tips. You'll feel like you're on a GS race ski when you're carving it up, yet be shocked how fun & nimble it feels in tight trees, chutes and even the bumps. Enjoy!

Maple Wood Core

Highest quality wood for a lively energetic feel & long life
The factory is located in Quebec Canada, so we got Maple, eh! Maple is a very expensive high quality hard wood, thus the reason it’s used to build floors and furniture in your house that lasts a lifetime. Maple absorbs impact, and has a ton of energy for a very ski feel and long life. We run 4 – 20mm wide Maple laminates the entire length of the core, plus 100% under your foot for unprecedented energy, durability & binding screw retention. At the tips of my skis you’ll see more of the light colored Aspen which is incredibly lightweight with plenty strong when laminated alongside Maple for reduced swing weight at the tips.

Full Height Sidewalls

Maximum impact resistant & vibration dampening
We’re using super durable, high impact absorbing Ultra High Molecular Weight (UHMW) polyethylene for our sidewalls. This is the same material we use on our ski's bases. It’s very impact resistant and since it’s full height, it also absorbs more vibration like using a longer spring in your car’s suspension. Take a metal pipe and hit it against a rock, then do the same with a piece of plastic. The metal vibrates through to your bones & the plastic absorbs the vibration for you. That’s the difference of having full height plastic shock absorbing sidewalls over your edges or not. We’re cutting the sides of the sidewalls to a 10* angle, with a nice step at the bottom for easy tuning like race skis.

Extra Thick Edge

The thickest, most durable edge in the industry
We use the thickest hardened steel edges in the industry 2.2mm x 2.5mm. More metal = more durable. Whether you’re accidentally hitting a rock or purposely sliding a rail, you’re edges will live a much longer life. You’ll also be able to re-tune many more times or file them round to slide rails longer.

High Performance Base

The fastest, thickest, most durable base material
I don’t match my clothes, but I always match my base & edge. We use the thickest edge so I also use the thickest base in the industry 1.8mm. I use sintered Ultra High Molecular Weight (UHMW) Polyethylene, the highest quality base material available. It absorbs wax better, slides faster, and is more durable than any other base material. Basically it’s super hard & fast, like your _______ likes it.

Quasitropic Fiberglass

Fibers run in 4 directions to maximize energy & strength
Fiberglass works like a guitar string, when it is flexed it wants to spring back, that’s the energy or pop you feel in a ski. However this energy can only be applied in the direction the actual fiberglass is run. This means the more directions of fiberglass, the more energy, pop & responsiveness. Industry standard “Triaxial” fiberglass runs in only three directions, we use a Quasi Isotropic fiberglass configuration, same as the aerospace industry to maximize energy & strength in as many directions as possible, 4 different axis 0, 90, +45, -45. It costs more, but it’s worth the performance.


Dimensions124 - 92 - 111124 - 92 - 111124 - 92 - 111124 - 92 - 111124 - 92 - 111
Sidecut Radius15.6m16.4m17.3m18.2m19.6m
Weight Per Ski1920g1970g2035g2100g2165g
The Fastforward "GLORY DAZED" Limited Edition Ski Design GraphicThe Fastforward "GLORY DAZED" Limited Edition Ski Design Graphic

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