American Sender Collection


Back in the 60’s when dare devil Evil Knievel was every man, women and child’s American hero jumping 50 cars at a time on prime time TV, one inspired kid set his mind on becoming the real thing. His name was Normman Epperson.

As a teenager Norm and his friends were unknowingly part of a revolution using traditional banana seat street bikes to emulate motocross racers. Their crew would build dirt jumps in vacant lots and eventually with the help of parents, created full size BMX dirt tracks leading to the birth of the BMX racing scene in Southern California.

The photo I used on the base of this ski was taken by Mel Stoutsenberg, that one kid in every crew with the camera. One day a friend mentioned to Mel there’s a kid named Norm who wants someone to shoot him jumping cars so he could get discovered by Hollywood. Mel rolled up with his camera and snapped Norm’s first jump ever over the cars that you see here on this ski’s base. He landed first try! Norm sent the photo to Hollywood and within the year was getting paid to do real stunts. Fast forward to today, Norm orchestrates some of the most epic car chase scenes you see in Hollywood's biggest movies!

I couldn't be more proud to have had the opportunity to talk with and work these pioneers of BMX’s earliest roots. In their honor, I’m building only 250 pair of this new Limited Edition graphic and hand signing and numbering each ski as well as offering the full collection of products below inspired by their story!