On December 7th, 2018 I randomly selected Jen Lowney, a lucker skier from Vermont, to win J skis and a custom jacket from NWT3K!!


Northwest Tech
hand cuts and sews high-quality, custom outerwear right here in the USA. 

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J skis is owned by Jason Levinthal who previously created Line skis & Full Tilt boots. He now builds small quantities of limited edition award winning skis, each hand signed and numbered, then sold exclusively factory direct to you. He’s been designing revolutionary game changing skis for 20 years and these are his best skis yet. Thanks for checking them out!


  • Awesome!!!!!!!

    Virginia on
  • I would look good shredding in your skins….Let me bring it!

    Bryon (Hounddog) on
  • This old gal is ready for some new skis!

    KathleenP on
  • this old dog likes new toys

    David Benson on
  • ayyy this dank af

    Phillip Barrish on
  • Sure would be Bitchin’

    Aidan on
  • I think #ZaneKushman should win this, it might help him win the Level 1 superunknown. Dope giveaway.

    Ryan on
  • If i don’t win I’ll probably buy it anyways lol oh well

    Jordan Engen on
  • This skis and outerwear looks sick. I want it so bad. But i cant buy it because i have no money. So i hope i can win it

    Haakon Thaulow Pedersen on
  • Would buy J Skis if J was a blonde…..

    Adolf Hitler on
  • Would buy J Skis if I was a blonde…..

    Adolf Hitler on
  • this looks so sickkkk

    sam on
  • Sweet!

    David Fisher on
  • This giveaway looks niceee

    Ben Tratt on
  • love this!

    sharon daniels on
  • In it to WIN it! Thank You!!!!

    Raymond Stone on
  • With a big win from J SKIS AND NWT3K OUTERWEAR I’ll be wishing for the snows to hit here sooner than later.

    Doug Whitlow on
  • Entering will probably be unproductive, but this prize would be stupendous

    A J on
  • People kill me on contest thinking if they comment their going win

    Chino on
  • Holy crap – best prize combo ever. It’s snowing like crazy in the high country now and 70F in Denver. God bless Colorado!

    Tim Nielsen on
  • I never win anything but this looks like such a good prize it is worth a shot! If unsuccessful I plan to drop into your shop in May on my way to Hood River for windsurfing.

    Gary Smith on
  • This looks like a great prize package!!!!

    Maureen Froemming on
  • Sweet Kit I’m in it to Win It! Thxs

    Paul Chodkowski on
  • I try to update my POW quiver every few years and have been researching intently this season. J Skis performance reviews and design rate HIGH on my list. This is a 1-2 punch that can’t be beat!

    john on
  • Great way for great companies to make it interesting for their customers.

    James Reeks on

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