On December 6, 2019, I'll randomly select a lucky skier to win J skis! Follow us on Instagram to see if you win.

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Winner of the J skis October 2019 giveaway... ABEL BARNHART!!

On November 1st, 2019, I randomly selected Abel Barnhart, a lucky skier from Bozeman, MT to win J skis!!


Winner of the J skis August 2019 giveaway... JEN WINKLEPLECKER!!

On September 6th, 2019, I randomly selected Jen Winkleplecker, a lucky skier from Mount Hood, OR to win J skis!!


Winner of the J skis "Future Skis" giveaway... LENA CAPTAIN!!

On May 31st, 2019, I randomly selected Lena Captain, a lucky skier from Mercer Island, WA to win J skis!!


Winner of the J skis "Deerjerk" Limited Edition Ski... MASON CARRIER!

On March 29th, 2019, I randomly selected Mason Carrier, a lucky skier from Seven Springs, PA to win J skis!!


Winner of the J skis "Lone Pine" Limited Edition Ski... FERGUS BUTT!

On February 1st, 2019, I randomly selected Fergus Butt, a lucky Scottish skier living in Canmore, Alberta to win J skis!!


Winner of the J skis "Shattered" Limited Edition Ski... DANIEL KRIVA!!

On November 2nd, 2018, I randomly selected Daniel Kriva, a lucky skier from Ames, Iowa to win J skis!!


Winner of the J skis "Brotherhood II" Ahmet's Brother x J Collab Limited Edition Ski... ADEM IKIBIROGLU!!

On September 28th, 2018, I randomly selected Adem Ikibiroglu, a lucky skier living in Whistler, BC to win J skis!!


Winner of the J skis "Wolf Walk" Luke Dixon x J Collab Limited Edition Ski... GAVYN PENDLETON!!

On August 31st, 2018, I randomly selected Gavyn Pendleton, a lucky skier attending Montana State University to win J skis!!


Winner of the J skis "Future Skis" giveaway... MACKENZIE MASLOWSKI!!

On August 3rd, 2018, I randomly selected Mackenzie Maslowski, a lucky skier from Denver, CO to win J skis!!


Winner of The Masterblaster "American Sender" Limited Edition Ski... MATT SCHOFIELD!!

On June 1st, 2018, I randomly selected Matt Schofield, a lucky skier from California to win J skis!!


Winner of The Friend "Pioneer Cabin" Adam Haynes x J Collab Limited Edition Ski... BRADY SHERWOOD!!

On February 27th, 2018, I randomly selected Brady Sherwood, a lucky ski instructor at Mt. Bachelor, OR to win J skis!!

Winner of The Vacation "Brotherhood" Ahmet's Brother x J Collab Limited Edition Ski... SAM JARVIS!!

On February 2nd, 2018, I randomly selected Sam Jarvis, a lucky skier from Spokane, WA to win J skis!!

Winner of The Whipit " Laserwolf" Brian Steely x J Collab Limited Edition Ski... NOELLE JUENGLING!!

On January 4th, 2018, I randomly selected Noelle Juengling a lucky skier from Fort Collins, CO to win J skis!!

Winner of The Allplay "Snow Camo" Realtree® x J Collab Limited Edition Ski... RYLIE PARR!!

On December 1st, 2017, I randomly selected Rylie Parr a lucky skier from North Carolina to win J skis!!

Winner of The Masterblaster "Wild Life" Liam Ashurst x J Collab Limited Edition Ski... CLAIRE VAAGE!!

On October 27th, 2017, I randomly selected Claire Vaage, a lucky skier from Idaho to win J skis!!

Winner of The Metal "Exposure" Mike Yoshida x J Collab Limited Edition Ski... GRAHAM HOFFMAN!!

On October 3rd, 2017, I randomly selected Graham Hoffman, a lucky skier from Telluride, CO to win J skis!!


  • Would love to hook up one of my bros with these skis, he was about to make it into the winter Olympics for moguls representing straya but unfortunately he injured his back and hips in training and is now recovering in rehab… anyways thought these would be an awesome get well present!

    Harry Goodman on
  • I love to win

    George Anders on
  • The “Do Drop In” would be an awesome theme.

    Declan Burt on
  • Ngl these skis r acc pretty sick looking

    lou on
  • Heard these skis are very durable and fun to ski on thats why im here looking for skis

    Tyler on
  • Yo those skis be catching a lot of peoples eyes while ripping down the mountain!!! Love to win em!!!

    Cole Nodden on
  • Sick skis

    Hannes on
  • I’m a ski instructor at Monarch Mountain in Colorado and would love to cruise the mountain on those bad boys whether I’m on a lesson or not! Keep doing great things and send some love my way! Have a great season.

    Zack on
  • the best skis on snow by far….. prey for pow!

    Todd Arthur on
  • I’m so excited! It’s so awesome of you to do giveaways. Any shredder needs to know of this company. I receive the promotional emails from you and they are very professional and well organized. Best part—no spam!

    Mitchell on
  • I vibe with these graphics so much. Awesome stuff JSKIS; hopefully someday I’ll be able to afford a pair. I’ll keep reppin your hoodie, it’s my favorite

    Luke on
  • dude already lives in telluride…

    shlomo wintermute on
  • Yo yo yo, I’m a huge fan of J skis, I’ve been able to demo the master blader at Brundage Mountain and I absolutely LOVED them!

    James Michener on
  • Tasteful AND attractive graphics. Thank you!

    NIce looking Skis on
  • Sticks before Chicks!

    G on
  • Hey I’m a really big fan I follow you and I love everything you post. Iove to ski and if I could have any pair of skis is would be from you. I hope I can win. Thank you

    Jack Barrios on
  • I am Vermont born and bred, grew up rocking the skogan sprang pro-model from line. Have never ridden another pair of skis. But would love to rock a pair of J Skis out in big sky country. (MT)

    Hypedog on
  • Love the master blasters. I’m a cannon mountain local in NH and would love to flash those bad boys all around the mountain. Long time lover of the influence series, looking to upgrade. Send those sexy ass planks my way.

    John Brule on
  • Listen I need new skis Donbas i got j skis stickers all over my helmet I represent the brand. If I could have any skis in the world it would be some j skis. Please please please can I win you guys are the best.

    Nick LeFevre on
  • Awesome skis, awesome giveaway – JSKIS are the coolest :D

    Basti on

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