The Hotshot


Fank x J Collab

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J Says Best For: Soft groomers / Powder / Glades / Steep & deep / Freeride

Waist Width: 106mm

Ski Length
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The Hotshot + Bindings Bundle



The Hotshot "PEACEOUT"

Marker Griffon 13

Limited Edition Graphics

Total Made: 450 Pair

Public Release: August 01, 2022

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The Artwork

Fank x J Collab

Give peace a chance! Fank, our graphic designer was inspired by the “Keep on Truckin” character from the 70’s so it felt only fitting to lay down a steezy tye-die for you to zone out on the way up the hill. Then he pulled together lots of nostalgic photography of mother nature to keep the vibezzz flowin on the base. You jivin? In a world full of chaos, take a chill pill and ride into the sunset on this far out ski graphic. Catch ya on the flip side!

We're only building 450 pairs of this new Limited Edition graphic and I'm hand-signing and numbering each. Grab a pair before this ski decides to peace out!

The Hotshot™

134 - 106 - 124

The widest ski in our Charge Collection for spending the most time in powder while maintaining firm snow reliability.

“The Hotshot” charges harder and surfs easier than other Freeride skis backed by a massive sweet spot that feels intuitive and easy to handle in all terrain and conditions with no speed limit. We optimized the shape and location of the “Light Metal” Titanal laminate to add more power where you need it, and reduced weight where you don’t. The result is a powerful, smooth, stable ski that will boost your confidence blasting through chop, bumps, and stomping landings like a pro. Like all J skis, The Hotshot maintains unmatched precision when ripping groomers. Just roll it over and the entire edge including the rockered tips become fully engaged for a solid reliable feel.


The Hotshot In The Wild

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This Ski is Kind of a Big Deal

"Easy but supportive, this ski dominates airs and drops by having some of the best landing gear in the game."

- Powder Magazine

"Damp and composed when skiing fast in challenging conditions, yet it’s not a ski that requires you to be on your A-game all the time."

- Blister Gear Review

"It's easy to rock through bumps and pillage variable snowpack, but also disengages a turn when need be."

- Freeskier Magazine

"A very easy, smooth, and versatile ski. It’s predictable even if you make mistakes.”

- SKI Magazine

the finest materials

By selling these skis factory direct to you, we're able to invest more money into using the highest quality materials possible for a game-changing level of premium performance & durability.


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Length 170cm 177cm 183cm 189cm
Dimensions 134-106-124mm 134-106-124mm 134-106-124mm 134-106-124mm
Sidecut Radius 16m 17m 18m 19m
Weight Per Ski 2050g 2230g 2290g 2450g
Effective Edge 1380mm 1440mm 1500mm 1560mm
Camber 4mm 4mm 4mm 4mm
Rocker Height Tip / Tail 7.5 / 4mm 8 / 4mm 8.5 / 4mm 9 / 4mm
Tip / Tail Length 260 / 95mm 275 / 100mm 290 / 105mm 300 / 110mm
Tip / Tail Height 70 / 40mm 70 / 40mm 70 / 40mm 70 / 40mm
Boot from Center N/A N/A N/A N/A
Boot from Tail 775mm 805mm 835mm 865mm

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Fank x J Collab