Stowe Mtn Ski patrol: John Connors, Dom Atlak, Zach Arvin, Jay Connors

Here's the deal! 
If you work in the ski industry, then you're doing a good deed for humanity by helping more people have more fun skiing... and it also means you ain't gettin paid shit! So I'm offering you a 20% discount Prodeal on any J brand products on our website for your personal use. Just submit your info below and if you qualify we'll reply with a discount code. Prodeal codes expire at the end of each season on May 31st, you must provide updated proof of employment after that date.


  • Ski shop employee
  • Terrain park builder, snow making & terrain maintenance
  • Lift Attendant
  • Ski Patrol
  • Ski Instructor

*This discount is for CURRENT EMPLOYEES and can not be combined with any other promotional discount or sale

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