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Jimbo Phillips x J Collab

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Waist Width: 98mm

J Says Best For:
Groomers / Boot Deep Powder / Park / Trees / Freestyle


Soft & PlayfulHappy MediumStiff & Aggressive


50% groomers
50% powder
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The Artwork

Jimbo Phillips x J Collab

350 Made


Released August 24, 2020

Artist Jimbo Phillips has a long family history of producing some of the most legendary and iconic skateboard graphics of all time! It was an honor to collaborate with him on this incredible custom artwork that we printed on the Allplay ski. It looks even more insane in person, definitely one of my favorites, and selling fast!

His style of art runs deep in his family. His father created the iconic "Screaming Hand" back in the 80's along with hundreds of others insane skate graphics for Santa Cruz and other brands.

Fifteen years ago I actually worked with Jimbo on some Line ski graphics and always wanted to get back to doing more together so I'm couldn't be any more hyped on this opportunity. We set out to fill the length of the ski with art like his skate decks and came up with this super psychedelic tweak of nesting dolls where they're actually living creatures stacked and coming out of each other haha!

Jimbo starts the process with a pencil sketch that he was able to easily adjusted until we were happy with the vibe and layout on the shape of the ski. Then he does the line work with pen and ink and eventually brings it into the computer for the coloring. His line quality is second to none. He's spent a ton of time over his career perfecting the bold, yet detailed manner, where there is a ton of stuff going on, but it's easy to look at, making it really one-of-a-kind!

It's always a pleasure and real honor to be collaborating with this legend. I've built only 350 pair of this Limited Edition graphic on “The Allplay” ski. I've hand signed and numbering each pair so you have a very unique ski like no one else. Grab yours before they sell out!

See more of Jimbo's artwork on
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The Allplay v1

119 -


- 117

Versatile, best of all worlds, equal park & all mountain performance

This is our original Allplay shape that started it all and reigned as the #1 selling ski for our first 10 years! This original shape is surfier than our new version, sought after by skiers looking for an extra playful and buttery, forgiving and easy feel. Regardless of the terrain, these light and nimble skis are no work… ALL PLAY!

The "Allplay" has a versatile 98mm width and innovative shape and flex provide for the best of all worlds. Reliable precision under foot for ripping all-mtn, wide enough to easily float boot deep freshies in the trees, and a light, playful, buttery feel for throwing tricks in the park & all over the hill. Its unique, forgiving flex is evenly distributed throughout the entire length of the ski, which enables it to easily conform to all transitions and terrain for added confidence in bumps and throwing tricks off every feature you come across. I designed the tips with a very gentle rocker and early tapper shape for a catch-free, effortless, surfy feel. You’ll be able to quickly pivot in tight zones and never have to worry about catching an edge again, even in the pow. The Allplay is guaranteed to be the most fun, playful and versatile skis you’ve ever ridden, turning the entire mountain into your personal playground.


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This ski is kind of a big deal!
Blister Gear ReviewBlister Gear Review
Freeskier MagazineFreeskier Magazine
Backcountry MagazineBackcountry Magazine
Powder MagazinePowder Magazine

    Butters, slashes and presses feel natural on The Allplay thanks to its softer, yet intuitive, consistent flex pattern.

    - Blister Gear Review

    An absolute joy to ride; don't think, just play.

    - Freeskier Magazine

    A fun and playful ski that's at home carving, buttering and slashing soft snow.

    - Backcountry Magazine

    If 'Funskiing' were a test category, these would be at the top of the list.

    - Powder Magazine

    I’ve skied on dozens of skis and I could tell within 2 runs these were going to be great fun and easy to get along with.

    - Newschoolers

The Finest Materials

Carbon Fiber Construction

By selling these skis factory direct to you, we're able to invest more money into using the highest quality materials possible for a game-changing level of premium performance & durability.

Carbon FiberCarbon Fiber

Carbon Fiber

Lighter with more energy & pop than fiberglass
Just like fiberglass carbon needs to be fully stretched like a guitar string to give you the most pop. Unlike other brands of skis with wavy black carbon, not stretched, thus you’re not getting the energy out of it, we use pre-cured, pre-stretched carbon fiber laminates. This means the carbon is pre-stretched & cured under perfect conditions at the carbon fiber production facility prior to us receiving it. This pre-cured carbon laminate is twice the cost but also gives you many more times the performance. You’ll feel it!

Maple Wood Core

Highest quality wood for a lively energetic feel & long life
The factory is located in Quebec Canada, so we got Maple, eh! Maple is a very expensive high quality hard wood, thus the reason it’s used to build floors and furniture in your house that lasts a lifetime. Maple absorbs impact, and has a ton of energy for a very ski feel and long life. We run 4 – 20mm wide Maple laminates the entire length of the core, plus 100% under your foot for unprecedented energy, durability & binding screw retention. At the tips of my skis you’ll see more of the light colored Aspen which is incredibly lightweight with plenty strong when laminated alongside Maple for reduced swing weight at the tips.

Full Height Sidewalls

Maximum impact resistant & vibration dampening
We’re using super durable, high impact absorbing Ultra High Molecular Weight (UHMW) polyethylene for our sidewalls. This is the same material we use on our ski's bases. It’s very impact resistant and since it’s full height, it also absorbs more vibration like using a longer spring in your car’s suspension. Take a metal pipe and hit it against a rock, then do the same with a piece of plastic. The metal vibrates through to your bones & the plastic absorbs the vibration for you. That’s the difference of having full height plastic shock absorbing sidewalls over your edges or not. We’re cutting the sides of the sidewalls to a 10* angle, with a nice step at the bottom for easy tuning like race skis.

Extra Thick Edge

The thickest, most durable edge in the industry
We use the thickest hardened steel edges in the industry 2.2mm x 2.5mm. More metal = more durable. Whether you’re accidentally hitting a rock or purposely sliding a rail, you’re edges will live a much longer life. You’ll also be able to re-tune many more times or file them round to slide rails longer.

High Performance Base

The fastest, thickest, most durable base material
I don’t match my clothes, but I always match my base & edge. We use the thickest edge so I also use the thickest base in the industry 1.8mm. I use sintered Ultra High Molecular Weight (UHMW) Polyethylene, the highest quality base material available. It absorbs wax better, slides faster, and is more durable than any other base material. Basically it’s super hard & fast, like your _______ likes it.

Quasitropic Fiberglass

Fibers run in 4 directions to maximize energy & strength
Fiberglass works like a guitar string, when it is flexed it wants to spring back, that’s the energy or pop you feel in a ski. However this energy can only be applied in the direction the actual fiberglass is run. This means the more directions of fiberglass, the more energy, pop & responsiveness. Industry standard “Triaxial” fiberglass runs in only three directions, we use a Quasi Isotropic fiberglass configuration, same as the aerospace industry to maximize energy & strength in as many directions as possible, 4 different axis 0, 90, +45, -45. It costs more, but it’s worth the performance.


Dimensions119 - 98 - 117119 - 98 - 117119 - 98 - 117119 - 98 - 117119 - 98 - 117
Sidecut Radius15m16.6m18.2m20.1m21.5m
Weight Per Ski1660g1690g1785g1945g1955g
The Allplay "STACKED" Jimbo Phillips x J Collab Limited Edition Ski Design GraphicThe Allplay "STACKED" Jimbo Phillips x J Collab Limited Edition Ski Design Graphic