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"Season one completely sold out!"

My first season went better than I ever expected. Skis sold out as fast as I could design them, only weeks after their release. Now with dozens of positive consumer reviews, upcoming magazine awards, future expansion into Europe and the development of more shapes, demand next season will only be exponentially bigger.

"Reality is, next season I will have more demand for skis than my factory can build."

From day one, I committed to building high quality, hand crafted skis in North America so that I can keep a close eye on the quality of the product. However this also comes with a limit to how many I can build per year.

"Future quantities will be limited."

Due to the limited quantity of skis available next season, I've decided to give customers the opportunity to reserve a pair of skis in advance with a $250 deposit. In exchange, I will tell you about future ski models & their release dates far in advance & you'll have access to buy new skis before they are ever released to the public. You'll be first in line . . . THIS GUARANTEES YOU WILL GET THE PAIR YOU WANT!

"Without a reservation, I can not promise you a pair."


1) Click RESERVE A PAIR & pay $250. You will receive a "reservation code" confirming you have first chance to buy my future skis & the code will never expire.

2) We will inform you by email throughout the year of upcoming new ski releases before the public ever knows they exist so you can see & buy them first.

3) To buy a pair, use your "reservation code" during checkout & we'll deduct your pre-paid $250 from your total purchase price.

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