Nocturnal Daydream Skateboard

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Keep your NOCTURNAL DAYDREAM rolling!

Graphic harvested from The Hotshot "NOCTURNAL DAYDREAM" Ryan Schmies x J Collab Limited Edition Ski. Checkout the entire NOCTURNAL DAYDREAM Collection!  


Steep nose and tail with a deep center concave. Abrupt transitions abound, help to stiffen the deck and give it a quick snap. Nose and tail flip starts quickly after the outer truck holes exaggerating the steepness. The top choice for tricks.

  • 8.25" wide
  • Approximately 20° nose and 19.5°tail with a deep center concave
  • Kick starts near truck holes

Keep the Nocturnal Daydream playing, checkout the entire Nocturnal Daydream Collection

Nocturnal Daydream Skateboard Reviews

Nocturnal Daydream Skateboard