If you love J skis. . . get paid to spread the word!

I'm often asked by people that own my skis how they can help me rep J skis to spread the word. Now I have an answer, "divvi". It's a new app I'm using to empower all of my ski customers to become official J reps! If you own a pair of J skis, simply signup to be a "divvi guru". Then use the app to recommend any pair of J skis to a friend or stranger on the hill, and through divvi I'll send you a $20 bill in the mail for every J ski you helped sellSimple as that!

This is very different from any other referral programs that only reward you with discounts or credit toward a future purchases. I'm actually paying you real cash, a $20 bill you can spend anywhere, anytime on anything!


Divvi created all the tech to recognize when it's you who referred the sale. The app simply sends a specific link by text or email and when someone clicks the link to purchase you get paid for referring them. There's lots of other rad brands on divvi too, so you can recommend boots, bindings, jacket and other products unrelated to skiing too.


  • An iPhone, sorry app is only available for IOS at this time
  • You are a proud owner of J skis 

Three easy steps to get started:

  1. SIGNUP on divviguru.com to become a "divvi guru". Remember this opportunity is only open to current J ski owners because we want honest recommendations from skiers that actually use our skis.
  2. DOWNLOAD divvi and sign in with the same email you used above.
  3. RECOMMEND J SKIS to people by text or email using the divvi app. They will receive a specific link to shop Jskis.com so Divvi recognizes it's you who referred the sale.


    About divvi    |    Become a divvi guru (J rep)

      Why is J doing this?

      I'm doing things differently because in this day and age, new technology is constantly putting more power in consumer's hands. I already sell direct instead of through traditional retailers, distributors, reps, tradeshows, etc. Cutting out the middle man enables me to bring you the best skis possible at competitive prices, while developing new product real time at the speed of thought so you have newer product sooner. I was the first to enable skiers to pay for new skis at a pace they can afford by offering ski financing through Affirm. Now through divvi, I'm offering to pay you for helping spread the word about these skis, instead of paying traditional sales reps and ski shops. I want to work with you to help grow this brand because I truly believe the best ski sales person is a skier that simply tells others about the products they use and love. 

      Thanks for your support!