The Masterblaster


Alyse Dietel x J Collab

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J Says Best For: Groomers / Boot deep powder / Trees / Crud / All-mtn

Waist Width: 99mm

Ski Length
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Limited Edition Graphics

Total Made: 350 Pair

Public Release: August 01, 2021

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Alyse Dietel

The Artwork

Alyse Dietel x J Collab

Professional climber turned self-taught career artist Alyse Dietel and her incredible, intricate drawings of animals and nature were a perfect fit for collaboration. Alyse truly walks the talk, living van life, climbing rocks and documenting the beauty she sees along the way via a million tiny lines of pen on paper as a way of re-remembering the awe she experiences in nature. Alyse has only been a professional artist since 2012 after a gnarly climbing accident, it was through this experience that she was able to take a step back and live vicariously through illustrations of untamed wilderness and wildlife. 

The piece we chose for this ski is of a rainbow trout drawn by Alyse on the shore of Lake Tahoe. We knew we wanted to create another fish-themed graphic after so many skiers got stoked on the Hotshot "Trutta" last year, so when we saw the this unique drawing from Alyse we instantly knew we could turn it into a beautiful graphic. Our graphic designer, Fank, worked with Alyse to color her black and white original to capture the realistic pop you get seeing a shining rainbow trout in the wild.

I'm only building 350 pair of these Limited Edition skis and hand-signing and numbering each, so grab a new pair before they sell out! Aylse was even cool enough to hook us up with the original art piece for this ski - stay tuned for a giveaway on that print coming soon.

For more tiny lines and climbing radness follow Alyse on Instagram and checkout her websitework her website here to purchase prints.

The Masterblaster™

133 - 99 - 118

The mid-width ski in our Charge Collection for great firm snow performance with added float in fresh powder.

We redesigned our #1 selling all-mountain ski ”The Masterblaster'' with a new, wider 99mm waist and slightly increased rocker. The result nails the sweet spot of freeride performance by enhancing soft snow playfulness, while providing firm snow precision and responsiveness for ripping everything on the mountain without compromise. Our proven light titanal-laminate construction enables power and stability where you need it, while keeping swing-weight low and maneuverability high. This new ski has the same rebellious frontside attitude you’ve come to expect from “The Masterblaster,” now with a bigger sweet spot that begs to take the road less traveled!


The Masterblaster In The Wild

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This Ski is Kind of a Big Deal

"Handling reminiscent of a Corvette, paired with the all-terrain capabilities of a Land Cruiser. Total confidence in all conditions."

- Freeskier Magazine

"The Masterblaster made me feel like the fastest skier on the mountain, with the most control and the fastest reflexes."

- Powder Magazine

"This ski continues to stand out because of its rare combination of suspension, stability, and maneuverability. It’s a ski that doesn’t need to be skied aggressively to be enjoyable, but skiers can ski very hard when they feel like it."

- Blister Gear Review

“These have an easy style in the soft snow. They are lively, maneuverable, and fun at a variety of speeds."

- SKI Magazine

the finest materials

By selling these skis factory direct to you, we're able to invest more money into using the highest quality materials possible for a game-changing level of premium performance & durability.


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Length 160cm 167cm 174cm 181cm 187cm
Dimensions 133-99-118mm 133-99-118mm 133-99-118mm 133-99-118mm 133-99-118mm
Sidecut Radius 15.8m 16m 16.9m 18m 19.1m
Weight Per Ski 1900g 1985g 2050g 2170g 2255g
Effective Edge 1310mm 1370mm 1440mm 1500mm 1560mm
Camber 4mm 4mm 4mm 4mm 4mm
Rocker Height Tip / Tail 6 / 3mm 6 / 3mm 6.5 / 3mm 7 / 3mm 7.5 / 3mm
Tip / Tail Length 180 / 130mm 180 / 130mm 180 / 130mm 180 / 130mm 180 / 130mm
Tip / Tail Height 65 / 37mm 65 / 37mm 65 / 37mm 65 / 37mm 65 / 37mm
Boot from Center N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
Boot from Tail 730mm 760mm 795mm 825mm 855mm

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Alyse Dietel x J Collab