The Fastforward


David Hale x J Collab

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J Says Best For: Groomers / Moguls / Fresh Snow / Trees

Waist Width: 92mm

1) Look at the size of your current skis and consider if you like the length or prefer shorter or longer.

2) Remember that 2-3 cm is not going to make a huge difference. Over 5cm will start to make a difference in feel.

The chart below is for general reference based on your height, but you should also consider these other factors. . . 

Choose LONGER length if you:
- Feel your current skis are too small
- Want to ski faster & float better
- Are a heavier person so want more stability
- Are an expert, aggressive skier

Choose SHORTER length if you:
- Feel your current skis are too long
- Want easier maneuverability & float in powder is less important
- Are a light weight person and want more maneuverability
- Are a beginner, casual skier

Review the chart below and if you need more help deciding contact us >

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Ski Length
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Limited Edition Graphics

Total Made: 450 Pair

Public Release: August 01, 2022

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David Hale

The Artwork

David Hale x J Collab

This is our third collaboration with David Hale, his graphics always become some of our most highly sought after skis. David is a legend in the tattoo industry, but is now even more famous for his paintings, prints and large-scale murals. His angled geometric patterns mesh gracefully with the natural landscape, always incorporating different animals, making them mesmerizing to look at. 

David spent much of his childhood outside exploring and inside drawing. As he says, spirits spoke to him along the banks of the muddy creek where he grew up, and he found his best response to be the art made with his hands. Today, he works out of a small, repurposed barn next to his family’s woodland cottage on a creek in Athens, Georgia. 

I'm building only 450 pairs of these Limited edition skis and hand signing and numbering each. Grab a pair before these one-of-a-kind works of art sell out.

Find more of David’s cool artwork Here and keep up to speed on his social

The Fastforward™

124 - 92 - 111

Calling all Corduroy Killers! This is the quickest and grippiest J ski ever made for ripping icy groomers and blasting bumps and fresh snow 

"The Fastforward” is a brand-new ski for this season designed to empower you to carve ice like a knife through hot butter, while maintaining the fun-loving, playful feel J skis are known for. The subtle tip-rocker keeps you floating with ease in fresh snow, yet when rolled over, 100% of the edge is engaged, including the tip for maximum grip. You get a predictable, smooth feel, that inspires confidence no matter the terrain; it’s as happy feasting on firm morning groomers as it is exploring the rest of the mountain. Unlike other skis in this category, “The Fastforward” doesn’t require you to put all your energy into it to get tons of power out. Thanks to its “Light Metal” Titanal laminate & Maple wood core construction, this ski does the work for you! You’ll gain power and precision with far less effort, so your legs don’t get burned out. You’ll be still going strong at the end of the day when they’re calling “last chair!’


The Fastforward In The Wild

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This Ski is Kind of a Big Deal

“These are a barrel of monkeys! So fun and playful, I was laughing the whole way down. A viable option for skiers who just want to get on a great pair of skis and go."

- SKI Magazine

the finest materials

By selling these skis factory direct to you, we're able to invest more money into using the highest quality materials possible for a game-changing level of premium performance & durability.


Compare Models

Length 160cm 167cm 174cm 181cm 187cm
Dimensions 124-92-111mm 124-92-111mm 124-92-111mm 124-92-111mm 124-92-111mm
Sidecut Radius 15.6m 16.4m 17.3m 18.2m 19.6m
Weight Per Ski 1920g 1970g 2035g 2100g 2165g
Effective Edge 1290mm 1370mm 1440mm 1500mm 1560mm
Camber 5mm 5mm 5mm 5mm 5mm
Rocker Height Tip / Tail 3 / 2mm 3 / 2mm 3.5 / 2mm 3.5 / 2mm 3.5 / 2mm
Tip / Tail Length 190 / 120mm 190 / 120mm 190 / 120mm 190 / 120mm 190 / 120mm
Tip / Tail Height 60 / 33mm 60 / 33mm 60 / 33mm 60 / 33mm 60 / 33mm
Boot from Center N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
Boot from Tail 725mm 760mm 795mm 825mm 855mm

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David Hale x J Collab