PHANTOM Permanent Waxless Glide
PHANTOM Permanent Waxless Glide

PHANTOM Permanent Waxless Glide

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PHANTOM is a single application base treatment that increases glide in all snow conditions, permanently. This truly innovative solution eliminates the need for regular wax applications and instead provides a higher level of friction resistance for the entire life of your skis.

Unlike traditional ski waxes, when cured PHANTOM is an inert substance that keeps your base gliding fast as new without contaminating the environment. This patent-pending polymer gives you the incredible convenience to apply once and glide forever. 

This single application kit of PHANTOM permanent waxless glide gives you everything you need to treat your fresh pair of Js and never have to worry about waxing them for as long as you're skiing them. New skis are an investment, use PHANTOM to get the most out of them. 

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