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Maple eh! . . . The factory is in Quebec, I live in Vermont. We got maple!
MAPLE is a very expensive high quality, hard wood, thus the reason it’s used to build floors and furniture to last a lifetime. When used as a ski core, it absorbs impact, has a ton of energy, keeps your binding screws in and most importantly, maple syrup tastes great.

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  • Helping Grandson with High School project to build a pair of snow skies . The small details really help , like how thick are the tip and tail and under foot.. Thanks Bob

    BOb on
  • Hello,
    I have been building my own skis and snow boards for the past 5 years. I have no CNC all templates are drawn by hand, and I only have a vacuum press. I have tried to use Ptex side walls but have never successfully got them to stick. On your website, the video about your cores, you have this crazy machine that looks like a hot glue applier with rollers that press the sidewall to the core. WHAT IS THAT? Is that a custom creation, are you using Ptex or ABS.
    Anyway I hope you can answer. I’m sure it’s a secret cause nobody tells how to attach sidewalls. I really like the concept you have going. It’s like a board shaper but for skis. Best of luck to you, and pray for snow.

    Billy Hobby

    Billy Hobby on
  • Yes! More factory videos please! It’s so awesome to see the process like this. Perhaps one showing how you go about designing/printing the topsheets?

    Sean on
  • Please make more ski design videos this stuff is really cool

    jake on

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