Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What's the difference between the Metal & Vacation skis?

The聽only difference is the flex. The Metal has Titanal聽laminates in it that makes it聽stiffer, thu...

by Jason LevinthalSep 23, 2015

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I'm sick at skiing, can I get a sponsorship??

I'm glad to hear you like what we're doing with J skis, however we simply can't afford to make pr...

Jason LevinthalSep 21, 2015

Where should I mount my bindings?

Each ski has a recommended mounting point that is labeled on the ski as "Boot Center".聽However if...

Aidan CameronSep 21, 2015

How do I update my info on your Team mailing list?

1) Go to the Team signup page聽and fill in your email, name & # times skiing and click "Join T...

Jason LevinthalSep 17, 2015

How can I help my ski club get involved with J skis?

Email聽info@jskis.com聽your shipping address and quantity of stickers you'd like us to send you to ...

Aidan CameronSep 17, 2015

Yo J, can you hook me up with a job/internship?

Sorry we don't have any jobs or聽internships聽now. We'll announce on FB & Insta when聽something ...

Aidan CameronSep 17, 2015

Do you guys offer a Military discount?

You got our back, so we'll get your back with a 10% discount.聽Just email proof of current聽Milit...

Aidan CameronSep 17, 2015

Do i need to wax and sharpen my skis before I ride?

The skis come sharpened and waxed, ready to shred!

Aidan CameronSep 17, 2015

What kind of flex is best for me?

Think about the way you prefer聽the ski to feel...POWERFUL = Choose a stiffer ski for a聽smooth s...

Aidan CameronSep 17, 2015

What width ski should I buy?

When considering width, think about the聽terrain you ride most... HARD聽SNOW聽= Narrower ski under ...

Aidan CameronSep 17, 2015