Q. What's the difference between the Metal & Vacation skis?

The only difference is the flex. The Metal has Titanal laminates in it that makes it stiffer, thus giving the ski a more stable, powerful, and solid feel for skiing faster with maximum stability & power. More Metal ski info...

The Vacation has a much softer flex for skiers that want to throw tricks and jib all over the mountain. You can easily butter and jib the entire mountain making it more playful than the Metal but also less stable at high speed. More Vacation ski info...

Q. I'm sick at skiing, can I get a sponsorship??

I'm glad to hear you like what we're doing with J skis, however we simply can't afford to make product to give people for free at this point being a small company. Keep doing what you're doing and having fun and one thing will lead to another!

Join the team and grab some stickers & clothing to represent!

Thanks for repin!

Q. Where should I mount my bindings?

Each ski has a recommended mounting point that is labeled on the ski as "Boot Center". However if you currently mount your skis centered or prefer a more forward mount location for better park and trick performance you can mount it as you wish and they will ski great! Scroll down on any ski page to see specs and mounting point information of the model you're looking at.

Q. How do I update my info on your Team mailing list?

1) Go to the Team signup page and fill in your email, name & # times skiing and click "Join The Team".

2) An email will be sent to you to update info

Q. How can I help my ski club get involved with J skis?

Email info@jskis.com your shipping address and quantity of stickers you'd like us to send you to give out at meetings & events!

Q. Yo J, can you hook me up with a job/internship?

Sorry we don't have any jobs or internships now. We'll announce on FB & Insta when something comes up, so follow our social!

Also here's some tips on getting a job in the ski industry http://bit.ly/skiindustryjobs

Q. Do you guys offer a Military discount?

You got our back, so we'll get your back with a 10% discount. Just email proof of current Military involvement to: info@Jskis.com

Learn more >> 

Q. Do i need to wax and sharpen my skis before I ride?

The skis come sharpened and waxed, ready to shred!

Q. What kind of flex is best for me?

Think about the way you prefer the ski to feel...
POWERFUL = Choose a stiffer ski for a smooth stable feel when skiing fast & going big 
PLAYFUL = Choose a softer ski for a more forgiving, looser, buttery feel for casual skiing or tricks

Learn more here

Q. What width ski should I buy?

When considering width, think about the terrain you ride most...

HARD SNOW = Narrower ski under 100mm waist width

SOFT SNOW = Wider ski over 100mm waist width

BOTH = Somewhere in the middle 98-106mm waist width

Learn more here

Q. What length ski should I buy?

When you're buying skis, 2-3 cm longer or shorter is not going to make a huge difference. The size chart here is for general reference only based on your height, but you should also consider some other factors you can also find on the size chart page.

Q. Can you make smaller or larger ski sizes?

Sorry we currently only have the sizes listed per model here. As we grow in the coming years we'll constantly be adding shorter & longer ski lengths.

Q. How do I change the product size after ordering?

Immediately email info@jskis.com your order number and tell us what product & size you'd like to change your order to.

Q. Can you pre-mount bindings to skis before you ship?

No, I do not pre-mount bindings so you will need to bring the skis & bindings to your local ski shop to have the bindings mounted & adjusted!

Q. Which binding is right for me?

When buying bindings, there are two main things to consider..

Your Weight and your Ski Width

Learn more and compare bindings here >>

Q. How can I buy a sold out ski?

Sorry but once a ski is sold out, it's gone forever! If you really want the ski, you should order it asap because all skis are limited editions built in small quantities so it's first come first serve and once they're sold out, they're gone forever.

To guarantee yourself a pair Join the team to be notified about new product and get first dibs before the public

Q. Can I demo J skis before i buy them?

I've partnered with a few premier ski shops so you can try J skis before you buy them!
After demoing, if you decide to purchase a pair, the shop will order your skis directly from us & reimburse you for the cost of the demo. Theses shops also offer additional discounts on bindings & mounting & other products exclusive to J ski customers.
More info>

Q. Are there any financing options for J skis?

Yes we offer financing for US customers. Get the ski you want now & split the cost into 3, 6, or 12 monthly payments!* Learn more here.

Q. What's the Deal with shipping, J?

I will ship all ski orders to anywhere in North America for free

For the rest of the world all orders under $199 ship for a flat rate of $40, and all orders over $199 ship for a flat rate of $80

That's fast and trackable delivery of skis to your door in 7 days or less worldwide! Learn more about shipping here.

Q. What's the warranty on J skis?

We warrant this product to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of (1) year from the original date of purchase at retail. To learn about what is and isn't covered, click here.

Q. Damn J, what do I do about this Canadian exchange rate?

Go to JSKIS.CA to pay in CAD!

Q. I work in the ski-industry.. Can i get a discount??

We got your back! We offer a Pro-Form discount for ski industry employees only!

Q. Is there any way to compare all your skis?

Of course! Compare all skis here

Q. Do you make women's skis?

We do not refer to our skis as "women's" or "men's". All our skis are great for any sex! When other companies refer to "women's" they are simply putting girly graphics on a unisex ski in shorter lengths. So choose the ski length that is best for your height, weight, and ability, then select the graphic you like and you'll have a ski you love!

Q. The Team Signup isn't working!! What do i do?!

1. You should have received a confirmation email with a link that you need to click on sent from jason@jskis.com - Search your inbox & add it to your address book to help prevent it from being flagged as spam!

2. Check your junk mail / spam / social updates folder.

3. Try entering your email again, maybe you mis-typed your own email address...

4. Wait 5 minutes & try again like the nice computer asked.

5. If none of the above works, light your computer on fire!

Thanks for your patience in trying to figure this out!!