Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


What's the difference between the Allplay & Whipit skis?

What's the difference between the Metal & Vacation skis?

I'm sick at skiing, can I get a sponsorship??

Where should I mount my bindings?

How do I update my info on your Team mailing list?

How can I help my ski club get involved with J skis?

Yo J, can you hook me up with a job/internship?

Do you guys offer a Military discount?

Do i need to wax and sharpen my skis before I ride?

What kind of flex is best for me?

What width ski should I buy?

What length ski should I buy?

Can you make smaller or larger ski sizes?

How do I change the product size after ordering?

Can you pre-mount bindings to skis before you ship?

Which binding is right for me?

How can I buy a sold out ski?

Can I demo J skis before i buy them?

Are there any financing options for J skis?

What's the Deal with shipping, J?

What's the warranty on J skis?

I work in the ski-industry.. Can i get a discount??

Do you make women's skis?

The Team Signup isn't working!! What do i do?!