The Whipit "STOLEN" Limited Edition


October 7th
The Whipit - 90mm width
50 pair Limited Edition
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164, 171, 178
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Seriously. . on March 9th 2014 his personal pair of "Snowboarding is Cool" J skis were stolen from behind his house
in Salt Lake City. In response, Steve designed this new pro model as literally a WANTED poster & the actual photos 
of every skier that buys them will be printed on the final ski graphic . . . Every skier’s a wanted suspect!

Buy a pair to become part of this first-of-it’s-kind consumer collaboration ski graphic!

We immediately made this Stolen poster to get the word out!
That's when this kid, Zack Toker told us his idea to turn the poster into a ski.

Each pair hand signed & numbered by Jason Levinthal 
You'll be 1 of the few skiers in the world with these J's on your feet!

Watch Steve's "They See Me Trollin'" video


Watch us print HD graphics on our digital printer

You already know I put a lot of value in graphics! Ski & snowboard companies use the traditional, age old process of silk screening which is very labor intensive, requires high volumes & has a very low resolution image quality, you’ve seen the dots!

We're using a state of the art, Fuji UV Flat bed printer, a $170,000 machine that enables me to print any image in photo real high resolution from my computer directly to the plastic top & base like you would at home on your inkjet printer. The resolution is unbelievable photo real and we can print on-on-the-fly as many or as few quantities as we want, with no additional costs. The result . . . you're one of few in the world with skis looking as good as these on your feet.



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I designed The Whipit 90mm wide ski shape & construction for game-changing light weight
quickness. You'll be whipping around the most technical tricks with ease you never previously
thought possible, feeling like there's nothing on your feet. 

These skis have a solid, reliable flex pattern under foot for stomping big airs & laying down
solid high speed carves. The tips have a softer flex, with lots of energy for popping
big ollies, nollies and conforming naturally to transitions in the park & the rest of the mountain.

I put just enough rocker in the tip & tail to easily float in soft & slushy snow. The rocker is
complimented by a very modern, narrower tapered tip shape for a super smooth surfy feel & 
catch-free butterability (new word in dictionary) like you've never experienced. Yup! this is
the funnest, lightest, quickest, easiest, butteryest, most durable park ski you'll ever buy. But
don't take our word for it, read the reviews from others that already own it!

THE WHIPIT Limited Edition graphics: InspiredCats in SpaceStrayaStolenTropic ThunderNewschoolersSnowboarding is Cool

Lengths cm: 164, 171, 178 
Shape mm: 113-90-110
Weight 178cm g/pair: 3,520
Boot Mount cm: 2 back from center 
Sidecut Radius m: avg. 20
Camber mm: 3
Tip Height tip/tail mm: 62 / 62
Rocker Height tip/tail mm: 2 / 2
Rocker Length including tips tip/tail cm: 28 / 28



Medium supportive flex underfoot to stomp landings & hold a solid edge all over the mountain. The symmetric tip and tail flex is rated #3, not too stiff, not too soft. Plenty of support to keep you on your feet yet enough flex for fun butters, big ollies.




Rocker is traditionally referenced as the area of the ski between last point of camber in contact with the snow until the traditional starting point of the tip. Unlike most rocker geometries, we’re no longer thinking of them as separate entities. Instead we’re actually blending the rocker & tip shapes into one-and-the same.  

We’ve designed our Rocker Tips by blending 4 different radii into one smooth parabolic curve from the last point the camber to the very tip, just like a surfboard. The result is a much, much, much smoother profile tip shape that has no abrupt kinks, flat spots or awkward changes. Your tips will rise up out of the snow with less effort and you’ll lay down carves that utilize much more of your full edge length always feeling intuitive.



Carbon fiber is lighter than fiberglass & has more energy. However, like fiberglass carbon needs to be fully stretched like a guitar string or bow to give you the most pop. Unfortunately when you see skis with wavy black carbon, it’s not stretched, thus you’re not getting the energy out of it you’re paying for.

We use pre-cured, pre-stretched carbon fiber laminates. This means the carbon is stretched and epoxied to 9oz fiberglass at the carbon fiber factory under perfect conditions prior to us receiving it. This pre-cured carbon laminate is twice the cost but also gives you many more times the performance. You’ll feel it! 





Maple eh! the factory is in Quebec, I live in Vermont. We got maple!
MAPLE is a very expensive high quality, hard wood, thus the reason it’s used to build floors and furniture to last a lifetime. When used as a ski core, it absorbs impact, has a ton of energy, keeps your binding screws in, and most importantly, maple syrup tastes great.

We run 4 – 20mm wide Maple laminates the entire length of the core. Under your foot the core is comprised of approximately 80% Maple & 20% Aspen with solid Maple over the edges for unpresidented power & durability.

ASPEN is incredibly lightweight and provides plenty of strength when laminated alongside Maple. At the tips of my skis you’ll see more of the light colored Aspen, 4 – 20mm wide Aspen laminates covering approximately 70% of the surface area for for dramatically reduced swing weight.





We’re using good ol’ durable, fast, impact absorbing Ultra High Molecular Weight base material for our sidewalls. For the same reason it's used on your ski's bases, UHMW is great at absorbing vibrations & resisting impact. Take a metal pipe and hit it against a rock, then do the same with a piece of plastic. The metal vibrates through to your bones & the plastic absorbs the vibration for you. That’s the difference of having plastic shock absorbing sidewalls over your edges. We’re cutting the sidewalls to a 10* angle, with a nice step at the bottom for a nice long tuning life.







We are officially using the thickest edges in the industry 2.5mm x 2.5mm. More metal = more durable. Whether you’re accidentally hitting a rock or purposely sliding a rail, you’re edges will live a much longer life. You’ll also be able to re-tune many more times or file them round to slide rails longer.








I don’t match my clothes but I always match my base & edge. We use the thickest base in the industry 1.8mm. It’s a sintered Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene, basically it’s super hard & fast, just like your _______ likes.




Think of a ski like a phone book, every page = layer of material in the ski. Then bend your phonebook you’ll see every page slide against each other, this is “shear”. This shear force trys to separate, thus delaminate all the layers in your ski every time it’s flexed. 

I won’t build a ski without running a layer of thin rubber around the full perimeter of the ski over the entire edge, plus the full width of the tip and tail. The rubber acts as an insulator so that the edge and other materials can slide against each other when flexing without delaminating to dramatically improve durability.






Fiberglass works like a guitar string, when it is flexed it wants to flex back, that’s the energy or pop you feel in a ski. However this energy can only be applied in the direction of the actual fiberglass length. This means the more directions of fiberglass, the more energy, pop & responsiveness. (forward, side to side, torsionally, etc.)

Industry standard “Triaxial” fiberglass runs in only three directions: 0, 45, -45. We use a Quasi Isotropic fiberglass configuration, same as the aerospace industry to maximize energy & strength in as many directions as possible. Our fiber is running on 4 different axis 0, 90, +45, -45, again more cost, but worth the performance.






I personally guarantee these are the best skis & you'll love them. If for any reason within your first 3 days on the hill you don't love them, you can literally send them back, & I'll refund your total product & shipping costs, no questions asked! If you don't like em', send them back & we'll ride them! 




It's 2013! You buy your clothes, your electronics, even your furniture directly from the company that makes it, why not your skis? Traditional ski companies sell skis to a middle-man (ski shops) who then mark up the price & sell them to you. I have nothing against ski shops, we're just doing things differently here. We're cutting out the middle-man & investing the money back into higher quality, higher performing product and selling it directly to you so you get the best skis possible at near wholesale prices.





You support your local farmer, local music, local restaurant, now you can support your local ski company. We design our skis in Vermont & build them in Quebec, North America is a place where skiing is part of life. During the week we turn wood & epoxy into skis, on the weekends we ride them. As our own best customer, performance & durability is our #1 priority, this is why we confidently back all our skis with a 100% Money Back Guarantee. 



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Reviews of THE WHIPIT model

THE WHIPIT Limited Edition graphics: InspiredCats in SpaceStrayaStolenTropic ThunderNewschoolersSnowboarding is Cool

These skiers own this Limited Edition "STOLEN" ski

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Welcome to the team! . . . 
Zack Toker - Sturgeon County, Alberta, Canada
Kale Skywood - Collingwood, Ontario, Canada
Steve - Romania
Eric Nicholson - Stowe, Vermont, US
David Caffrey - B
ethlehem, Pennsylvania, US
Alex Christie - Kodak, Tennessee, US
Luke Home - Milford, Michigan, US
Jacob Ford - Grande Blanc, Michigan, US 
Julio Kim - Chemainus, Britsh Columbia, Canada
Your Mom - Logan, Utah, US
Colin Batu - Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, US



Questions call (802) 585-1098  email